13 dicembre 2019

As the EU cycle begins with the new Von der Leyen Commission, FEM would like to present its medium-term strategic vision

FEM is proud to have been the voice of European manufacturers of handling materials, lifting and storage equipment since it was founded in 1953. As part of Europe’s technology industries representing European manufacturers of materials handling, lifting and storage equipment, FEM is driving a common vision for its industries.

In ensuring the growth of the sector and contributing to the development of a robust landscape in Europe’s technology industries, the main goal remains delivering organisational solutions for efficient and sustainable materials flow. This means being present in nearly every production and distribution facility throughout the entire supply and logistics chain throughout the lifecycle of products.

Changes are now occurring at an unprecedented pace. A societal transformation is underway as a result of various global trends including changes in demographics, urbanisation, globalisation, sustainability, decarbonisation and digital transformation. Together with technological innovations (IoT, big data, blockchain), changes in people’s lifestyle are transforming logistics. E-commerce and new value chains are reshaping logistic processes and placing the consumer at their centre.

In this context, our industry is reinventing itself with new and sometimes disruptive business models emerging. Equipment becomes smarter and our companies are moving from solely manufacturing products to providing increasingly complex, customised and integrated logistic solutions. At the same time, sustainability has become a key part of our companies’ business strategy, showing that more than ever it is essential to adapt to new challenges and face them with an open, innovative mindset.

We are thus convinced that our industry can play an important role in turning societal challenges into opportunities – opportunities for European citizens, opportunities for the European industry and opportunities for Europe. This is our aspiration.

With this in mind, FEM has developed a Strategic Vision that sets 3 imperatives to fulfil our aspiration and take Europe, its citizens and industry to the forefront: an adapted energy, IT and transport infrastructure a supportive framework that sustains innovation, promotes an international approach and nurtures new business models an advanced workforce driving technological progress in the digital era.

We are at a time of challenges but also great opportunities. We are convinced that Europe has the talents and assets to address these challenges successfully while preserving and reaffirming its values.

The European materials handling industry has a role to play, not least by making supply chain work and more generally contributing to a strong industrial and technological base. We stand ready to work together with the EU institutions, national authorities, civil society and our partners from other technology industries to achieve this common objective.


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