Midea | The Verge X Midea Panel discussion

gio 14 marzo 11:30

Anima Lounge, Pad. 1, stand L22-K29


Energy Instability: Energy prices are unstable for many households, e.g. face fluctuating gas and electricity price when heating their homes. hybrid heat pumps as a first step to green energies, being affordable and if electricity prices are high, more economic than pure heat pumps. At the same time they can still be an answer to the gas boiler phase out in Europe. So we can discuss about when a hybrid is more suitable, when a heat pump is more suitable.


  • Alberto di Luzio - General Manager Midea Italia
  • Manuel Stefan Seethaler - Head of RAC Product Strategy Europe Midea
  • Daniela Lionetti - Area Tecnica E Relazioni Istituzionali ANIMA
  • Hannes Palm - Co-founder & COO, DREM





giovedì 14 marzo 2024
dalle 11:30 alle 13:00

Anima Lounge, Pad. 1, stand L22-K29

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