ANIMA - Ipack Ima Project

ANIMA promotes a concrete support for internationalization of member-companies in  food processing and logistic sectors.

Thanks to the special partnership with Ipack Ima SpA (international organizer of trade fairs), ANIMA presents a range of opportunities for partecipating in overseas exhibitions. Ipack-Ima Spa’s international reach is ensured by a business network working closely with local industry professionals from reference industries. The network allows Ipack-Ima Spa to feel the evolution of the market in real time, making it possible to offer Italian companies quality support and services on international markets.

A calendar of international shows has just been prepared and  new events are to be definied.

This is one of ANIMA initiatives to promote Italian products abroad.

Aziende e prodotti

  • Elenco Soci e merceologie

    In questa sezione si trova il Repertorio delle Aziende associate ANIMA, database completo e funzionale delle imprese italiane del settore meccanico.