Mecca-Ru Project

The Siberian Federal District and Novosibirsk, opportunities for the mechanical and engineering industry.

The project is funded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Brescia in Lombardy among the Program Agreement and provides a series of activities in the field of scientific-technological cooperation, industrial and business deals between Italian and Siberian companies.

The Russian area in which the project refers to is the Siberian Federal District, which covers about 30% of the entire territory of Russia and a population of about 20 million people. Novosibirsk is the administrative capital, but also belongs to this district other important cities such as Omsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk. The District is rich in natural resources including, for example, 85% of all Russian deposits of lead and platinum, coal and molybdenum 80%, 71% nickel, 69% copper, 44% silver, 40% gold. About 18% of all Russian railways belong to this district.

Honorable mention must be made to the academic system of this area because of extreme importance for the design of new technologies and applications for the engineering sector.

Operational partners of the project

- Agency for Russia s.c.r.l. (Coordinator and activities in Russia)

- ANIMA Federation

- Brescia Export Consortium

Adressed to

Lombardy area companies of the machinery sector, with particular reference to fields such as: oil & gas (industrial components: pressure vessels, pumps, valves, etc..), Construction (technology for construction and for the comfort, energy efficiency and renewables thermal), agro-food technologies (product processing, storage, refrigeration, production, etc..) industry changes (handling and finishing), packaging

Main objectives

Initiate and implement industrial relations, business and technology between the Lombard economic system and the Siberian. In particular, one side the activities shall meet Siberian companies needs of new plants and equipment and, other side, the Lombard companies will have the opportunity to acquire new technologies from the Siberian scientific system to enhance its competitiveness.

Planned activities

- Data collection and information on the mechanical division in the Siberian Federal District

- Organization of events for the project presentation in Milan and Brescia

- Identification of equipment and facilities of interest in the mechanical sector of Siberia

- Aggregation of Lombard companies involved in the project - Creation of technical documentation of available equipment and facilities at Lombard companies

- Creation of promotional documentation in Russian language to properly introduce selected Lombard companies in Russia

- Organization of business missions and study tours to local businesses in Siberia

- Organization of visits of interested Lombard companies to academic institutions in Siberia (to acquire knowledge of innovative solutions)

- Study tours of Siberian businesses to visit local Lombard production

- Dissemination of results and outputs resulting from scientific and industrial collaboration


January 2012 – December 2013


The Lombardy companies will be able to benefit from the funding of the Lombardy Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia. Participation is also open to all companies that wishes to exploit the route that Project MECCA-RU can develop.

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