ANIMA SICUREZZA Solutions and services for the secure storage of goods and valuables
In May 1981 some manufacturers of safes decided to set up, within ANIMA (Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries), the Italian Safe Manufacturers’ Group UCIC, which became ACICA Italian Safe Manufacturers Association in April 1989.
Today ACICA changes identity and becomes the Association ANIMA SICUREZZA Solutions and services for the secure storage of goods and valuables that brings together qualified and prestigious companies capable to produce, distribute and provide for the installation and maintenance of safes, armoured doors and strong rooms, security systems and containers, mechanical and electronic locks, security and control systems for safes, security mail boxes, etc.
ANIMA SICUREZZA creates the conditions so that the members can fully fulfill the needs of the markets, the directives and regulations in force. Efficiency, quality, reliability of the products and of the services are fundamental and essential elements for members who do not neglect the importance of continuous innovation in technology and in business models.
Joining ANIMA SICUREZZA means:
⧠ To be part of a team that cares and protects the interests of the members and helps them develop their business.
⧠ To qualify and certify installers and maintenance technicians at favorable conditions according to the UNI standard. The aim is to create a list of certified technicians to whom the market can glean.
⧠ To update and develop regulatory technical skills, to influence choices through the presence of representatives of the association in national and international working committees.
⧠ To have opportunities to meet and discuss any issues of interest in the sector, to share values, experiences, needs, objectives and actions and to get anticipations and market perspectives.
⧠ To increase the visibility and the image of the members through a targeted communication plan.
⧠ To promote and support the needs of the members with relationship and lobbying at decision-making tables and to the legislator.
ANIMA SICUREZZA offers to the member-companies competences and knowledge, economic-statistics, legal, communication, marketing, internationalization and  promotion.
At international level, ANIMA SICUREZZA is a member-association and participate actively to the EUROSAFE (European Committee of Safe Manufacturers Association), which groups the safes manufacturers’ associations and that was founded in Paris in 1988 on the Italian Association initiative. The aim of EUROSAFE is to foster and protect the common interests of European safes manufacturers and in particular to promote contacts between European manufacturers, representing the European industry towards the international organizations, first of all the European Commission and CEN, implementing the development and the observance of the regulations and certification standards.